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Ballet Steps Workout - Inch Loss & Tone

This exercise programme DVD uses a variety of ballet steps and techniques. Joey teaches routines that target specific parts of the body including the legs, abs and upper body.

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The Body Re-Shape Plan

This is about how to get the best out of your body shape.

We're all different shapes so to optimise your shape it is about putting 'balance' into your figure. You may see your figure as 'pear shaped' and as we know we cannot change our genetics and shave off wide hips or broad shoulders but we CAN change the overall look by literally sculpting other parts of the body to disguise the areas we're less happy with.

You may have noticed that even when someone loses a lot of weight, yes they are slimmer but the body proportions remain the same.

So let's look at how we get round that so we're really optimising YOUR body shape and creating the PERFECT FIGURE FOR YOU!

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Circuit Training Fat Burning Workout

Top fitness trainer and former 4 x UK Fitness Champion Joey Bull has assembled a superb combination of exercises designed to deliver maximum results in minimum time.

In this programme Joey combines her vast expertise and first class presenting skills to deliver a series of tried, tested and proven short burst exercise routines between 9 and 18 minutes that will deliver outstanding results. Whether your aim is to lose weight, shed fat, tone, strengthen or increase cardio fitness.....maybe them all then Joey s Circuit Training Workout will help you reach your goal.

There are four complete workouts in this programme satisfying starter, intermediate and more advanced exercisers and they can be mixed & matched to keep your workouts fresh and energising. So if you want time efficient workouts and optimum results whilst then setting the conditions to burn fat then this results driven work out is for you.

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Back Pain & Posture Ten Minute Method Workouts

Melt Away Back Pain, Strengthen the Back and Improve Posture

In this superb workout DVD the 4 x UK Fitness Champion and international trainer Joey Bull concentrates on a vital but often ignored body part - the back.

Joey's series of 10 minute workouts for Back Pain and Posture caters for straight, curvy or rounded back types and includes a special section for those who spend much of their time sitting at a desk or at the wheel of a vehicle.

With Joey's guidance you will be able to regularly and gently exercise your back and benefit from a stronger and healthier body. Our back is critical to personal mobility and wellbeing yet many people suffer discomfort or serious debilitating pain. My series of carefully devised ten minute workouts will help you train, refine and strengthen your back, improve posture and protect it against injury.

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Ballet Workout - Total Body Toning

Whether you are after a firmer bottom, toned legs and abs or trimming the fat, Ballet Workout will help you reach your goals! Ballet Workout takes the best fitness ingredients from the world of classical dance and presents then in a fun new workout designed to achieve impressive and lasting results.

Under Joey Bull's guidance a fitter, firmer you is just around the corner.... and you don't have to be a dancer! Combining easy to follow strength and cardio exercises Ballet Workout has been proven to attain tighter, fitter, stronger, leaner bodies and improved posture, poise, balance and control. Here's to a fitter and firmer you!

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