Fitness Professional.

Over three decades I have worked around the world as a Fitness Professional. In person I have been able to work with and help thousands of individuals as well as groups. My experience covers everyone from pop stars and rock ‘royalty’ to actual royalty and society figures to athletes to first time exercisers, older exercisers and children

Fitness Champion.

An accident and knee reconstruction ended hopes of a lengthy dance career but ultimately led me down the path of Fitness Competition. I became a 4 x UK Fitness Champion, travelled the world and was ranked World No.6.

Corporate Fitness.

Devising plans and programmes including: back health, weightloss, detoxification and energy boosting for company workforces. Delivering workouts and talks, providing online support. Improving the bottomline, in every sense!

Bioregulatory Medicine Practitioner

Fully qualified in bioregulatory medicine, delivering allopathic medicine including acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy and vitamins.

Dancer & Teacher.

I am a trained ballet dancer and teacher, educated at Elmhurst Ballet School. I have been teaching school classes adults and children’s groups for years.

Adventure Racer.

As a GB Adventure Racer I also travelled the world but this time tackling the highest mountains, densest jungles as well as rivers, seas and deserts. The Eco Challenge was perhaps the toughest - 10 days racing through Borneo jungle, losing 25% bodyweight, but making it to the end…just!


I have written ‘Tidy The Temple’ which is an autobiographically led 28-day workout and nutrition programme and recipe book.


As a columnist for Hers, Muscle & Fitness, Ultra-Fit and M Magazine (South Africa) magazines and various newspapers over many years I have published 100’s of articles.

DVD Presenter.

Devised and presented nine workout DVDs so far. Each one with leading production company IMC Vision. They are available in shops and all usual online stores around the world.


Media Figure.

Thanks to my various exploits and work with others I have featured in many newspapers and magazines over the years and continue to appear to this day. I have also appeared on TV and radio numerous times.

Product Development and Production.

I have acted as a consultant to workout products and training protocols, helping in their development and application including Powerbag, Isokinator, Door Gym Slim Gym and Rio Beauty Range.

Spokesperson & Ambassador.

I have been delighted to speak up for and represent companies and products that I really believe in, providing my time, image and helping gain publicity and media coverage.


Experienced in speaking on TV and radio as well as DVD presentations.

Motivational Speaker.

Drawing on a lifetime of wide variety and events from the triumphant to the tragic. Talks about defying odds, clearing the most shattering obstacles, believing, achieving & moving forwards. Talks given to public groups, businesses, societies and schools.

Fitness Model.

Although I have never considered myself a model I have done many photo and film shoots over the years and have been lucky enough to work with the best photographers in the business.


Mountaineering, climbing and hiking have been a huge part of my life since I was a little girl.

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