Personal Training

Three decades in the fitness world has taught me plenty about what works and what doesn't work.

I'm a firm believer in achieving meaningful, lasting results, not quick fixes and false hopes. It is also crucial that clients enjoy themselves, it makes achieving and even exceeding goals more likely and more pleasurable.

I don't believe in limiting the contents of training sessions. Where facilities and opportunities allow I have been known to work dance, climbing, canoeing, mountaineering, beach runs, coastal path walks amongst other things into workouts.

Every client is an individual with specific requirements, a variety of their own factors and personality traits. I harness the strengths, we work on the weaknesses and everybody receives sessions and programmes entirely suited to them.

The key is to deliver great results and an experience clients enjoy and are informed, engaged and invigorated by.

What is your aim? Weight loss, fat shedding, bulking up, toning, strengthening, posture improvement, mobility, conditioning for specific sports or challenges, energy boosting... I have a three-decade track record of delivering these.

I work with first-time exercisers of all ages to experienced sportspeople looking to find an edge. From school children to pensioners.

Whatever my client's goal is, my goal is to ensure they attain it and have the best experience whilst doing so!

Individual one-to-one sessions - £40
10 sessions - £360 ('Buddy up', bring a friend or partner, share a reduced total cost - £600)
12 sessions - £420 (£750)
14 sessions - £500 (£850)
16 sessions - £550 (£900)

£600 - 20 sessions
£1000 - 32 sessions
£1500 - 3 months bookings, online support, weekly Skype/Facetime call
£2000 - 4 months bookings, online support, weekly Skype/Facetime call + one weekend cottage stayover for two*

* I have a comfortable two-bedroom holiday cottage onsite. A residential weekend will allow us to work together more, enjoy activities in my grounds in the local area, share healthy mealtimes. If you have a dog, it will be welcome too!