Online Training

When I started in the fitness industry, mobile phones were rare (and huge!) and there were no websites. How times change...

Now we can work together live, wherever we are in the world!

I provide live online training sessions, one-to-one or for groups from two upwards. I have an in-studio monitor and the latest microphone technology, can see everything you are doing and keep a close eye on you, whilst you can see and hear me throughout and we can communicate the whole time - It is the closest thing to being in the same room!

As long as you have a device from a phone to a tablet, laptop or TV screen and can get online, we can enjoy sessions anywhere, anytime and I will deliver the results you are after.


Individual sessions - £

'Buddy Up'. Workout with a friend, share the costs & double the fun! - £


6 sessions - £
12 sessions - £
18 sessions - £
24 sessions - £
30 sessions - £

School Classes - Please contact me directly through this website to discuss.