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Columnist in Brand New Magazine!

I'm delighted to have been invited to provide a health and fitness column for each issue of West Wales Life & Style. It's a wonderful looking magazine and the entire print run of issue 1 was snapped up within days of release. As a new girl to Wales and now a resident of gorgeous West Wales, I'm thrilled to be getting involved with the wider community and have been made to feel so welcome.  The magazine can be read online here -  https://www.yumpu.com/.../west-wales-lifestyle-autumn-2020 

My New Studio

Still some work in progress but my workout and dance studio has come together very nicely to provide a well-equipped, spacious, comfortable and safe environment for exercising, dancing, small group sessions, talks and online broadcasting.

Plenty of equipment in place, including a vibration machine, wall fixed bodyweight exercises, market leasing suspension straps, ballet barres, bosu, powerbags, freeweights and much else. More to come!

My studio is onsite at home and a perfect place to get out of any unpleasant weather!


Woodland Workout Trail

In our grounds I have build a Woodland Workout Trail to combine the best of Mother Nature and a great fun workout.

Following a picturesque stream, through woods, around large ponds and across fields, I have built a number of stations as well as incorporating natural features. There is a huge amount of variety and can be a gentle as you like - simple riverside, field and woodland walk, to more taxing elements including gymnastic rings, muddy runs and even wading down a powerful and exhilarating stream - appropriate waterproof neoprene leggings and footwear provided!

The Trail is available to PT clients, small groups and for Retreats and Residential visits.

My studio is onsite at home and a perfect place to get out of any unpleasant weather!



Placing posters and flyers of myself around town and handing them to shop owners and cafes is one of the more self conscious and uncomfortable things I have done. But it’s the kind of thing you have to do when you relocate and, I must say, Cardigan has been wonderfully receptive. I thanks everybody who has helped the ‘new girl’ out!

A Busy Comumnist !

As of October 2020 I have been asked to get on board at the highly regarded Women’s Fitness Magazine and write a monthly column.

I’m delighted to have a twice monthly half-page column in the Tivyside Advertiser, which is the main paper in the Cardigan, Ceredigion area in West Wales.

I have also been asked to supply a monthly column to a brand new regional magazine - West Wales Life & Style.

I have had numerous columns in national fitness magazines and papers in the UK and as far away as USA and South Africa for many years, and there is something so gratifying about writing regularly and reaching a national and international audience but also people in my immediate communities.

Alexandra Legouix

TV sports presenter, yoga teacher, musician and all-round talent Alexandra Legouix has asked me to be the subject of her podcast, which is very flattering.

The podcast ‘Mindset Unfiltered’ is about all things mindset, mental health and human growth. I’m excited and fascinated to see what avenues we go down.

As soon as it is available you will find out her.

Diane Youdale visit

Despite extensive house renovation and business building, it is nice to be able to start welcoming a few friends over. One of whom will be known to a number of you - Diane Youdale who, as ‘Jet’ from TV’s Gladiators was the most popular person on the biggest show on television. Our friendship precedes all that to a time when we were two young dancers in the same company.

She still looks amazing, is a great fitness professional, TV & radio broadcaster and a practicing Psychotherapist.

Watch this space for future events when Diane will be joining me…


It was great to be asked to join a crack team of wonderful fitness professionals to be filmed putting Speedflex through its paces.

Speedflex by Fortis is a superb new group take on HIIT and is being rolled out through Everyone Active centres during 2020. Obviously, plans have been stalled by Coronavirus restrictions but Speedflex has started to make an impact. In fact here is a press article and, maybe, a familiar face in the picture! https://www.healthclubmanagement.co.uk/health-club-management-features/Sponsored-briefing-Speedflex-thrives/34691

We filmed pretty much continuously for six hours which was pretty intense and exhausting but, having seen the film, worth it!

Many thanks to Cheryl Hersey of Active PR for inviting me to take part.