Corporate Fitness

Detailed analysis released in 2019 shows that lack of basic fitness in the workplace costs the UK economy £6.6 billion per year! Just hitting the minimum recommended activity levels would have a huge impact on this figure. Multiple studies show that fitter and healthier workforces are distinctly happier, have a greater sense of wellbeing, feel more bonded to company and colleagues, are less stressed, far more productive. And absenteeism due to injury and illness is slashed.

All of which is massive for the bottom line!

I work with individual executives, small corporate groups and whole workforces to deliver results that can, over time, be measured and proven.

I attend workplaces to deliver onsite talks and sessions as well as providing ongoing online training and support via live links as well as delivering filmed packages.

Brilliantly empowering downloads and Apps can be included for a workforce, created by world-leading expert Andrew Johnson. These can be bespoke to your company's requirements and cover such areas as: Motivation, Relaxation, Positive Thinking, Better Sleep, Weight loss, Stop Smoking, Bad Babit Breaking, Overcoming Barriers & Blocks. These can be delivered direct to your team's devices.

Initially I will work with the company to evaluate the exact needs and the most efficient and effective ways these needs can be met, within budget, and results delivered for individuals and the business as a whole.

The aim is always for better wellbeing, healthier employees leading to greater productivity and fewer days lost to illness and injury.

Company Retreats

I am also happy to host corporate groups at my premises in Cardigan. Accommodation will be available onsite in 2020 and, when required, special rates and rooms can also be secured nearby.

I have a workout studio as well as a Woodland Workout Trail, and even River Wading for fans of the outdoors and water! Hill climbs and runs, beach workouts, cliff walks are all provided in the immediate area.

Fun, exhilaration, great food and a good time together are all assured!


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