10 Tips for Shaping Up and Cleaning Out!

I’ve been in this industry for more years than I care to count – it can easily be measured in decades rather than individual years – and I definitely can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked for some quick tips.

It probably happens daily. It’s born out of a genuine interest and that’s great, though I suspect it’s also a little bit a case of asking for help without actually having to pay for it! But that’s OK, we’re talking health, fitness and well-being here and you can’t put £, $ or any other currency signs to everything.


So while I am thinking about it, here are 10 Top Tips that will always serve you well.

Eat regularly. Eating approximately every three hours will help keep your blood sugar levels stable so reduces cravings and the release of insulin than can be laid down as fat.

Check your portions. Join your hands together, this is a good sample size for your main meals, in between snacks would be a one hand portion.

Protein. This should feature in every meal and snack, it also helps stabilize the blood sugar levels and you won’t be as hungry. Broaden your protein choices: lentils, chick peas, seeds, nuts, tofu, fish and eggs are good alternatives to the heavier meat proteins.

Avoid all processed foods. These are hard for the body to digest and so create bloating and an incorrect chemical balance in the cells. This will slow down you mobilizing stubborn fat! Buy foods that are in their natural state – if you don’t understand the ingredients, don’t buy it!

Energy foods. Choose lots of vegetables and fruit to fuel yourself. Potatoes, rice and grains aren’t unhealthy but they can make you feel sluggish, so keep them low down in your eating habits.

Drink Water. 1.5 litres or 2 litres depending on your activity levels. Cut coffee and caffeine drinks out or keep to an absolute minimum. These play havoc with your adrenal system and therefore blood sugar levels.

Think healthy! People who eat for health attain their ideal weight, those who eat to be skinny tend to have on going weight problems.

Watching what you put into your body has a huge role in your health and condition. Package it with exercise and you’ll be a new you and with a new shape!

Make your exercise time something to look forward to. Find an environment that fires you up positively – maybe that’s at home with some good music on, in the park with nature or at the gym. And just getting moving!

Think ‘Little & Often’. Bursts of 15 minutes can deliver great results if you fill each moment with exercises that are appropriate to your lifestyle and goals.

A perfect mini workout

For both time and satisfaction this will hit the spot – Alternate resistance exercises or pumping weights with some ‘explosive’ moves. Say 20 press ups followed by 30 jack jumps, then 20 crunches followed by 15 squat jumps (or whatever you can manage relatively and build up gradually).

Make up eight exercises, move quickly through them and then repeat! Short and sweet but your metabolism will remain high throughout the day.

If you are interested in joining me for workout programmes in my studio and/or my Woodland Workout Trails (and occasionally the beach!), contact me through www.joeybull.com,via Insta/Twitter – @joeybullfitness or my WatchFit profile.