Metabolism Boosting – How To Do It

The key to fat burning is a healthy metabolism. The better your metabolism works the more efficient your body is as a fat burning unit. So what is the secret of metabolism boosting?

Metabolism boosters

Thankfully nature offers plenty of these, we just need to know where to look and what to use.

Green tea, water, mustard, chilli, proteins, complex carbohydrates all do a fine job of revving up our metabolism. But the truth is, food only does a relatively small part of the job. To make a more emphatic change to the state of your metabolism, you need to become more physically active.

Exercise for boosting metabolism

It has been shown in study after study that interval training is the best way to crank up your metabolism. Interval training means alternating short bursts of high energy exercise, short rest, short burst again… This is often known as HIT – High Intensity Interval Training.

If you can build interval training into your week, maybe a couple of times, alongside you regular exercise – you will see and feel benefits.

Which exercises?

IInterval training demands repetition and plenty of it, so make sure you do it with exercises you enjoy – or at least exercises you don’t hate!

It figures that the more vigorous exercises will have the most effect, and the figures in studies energy cost in physical activities show that cross-country skiing comes top of the charts. As sports go, it might not be all that accessible for most of us at any given time, general lack of snow being the main hurdle. However there are cross-country ski machines on the market that do a fantastic job. NordicTrack is probably the main name in this market.

Rowing is also hugely effective as are: fast running, rope jumping (skipping) and the classic bodyweight exercises of push-ups, pull-up, burpees etc.

But it doesn’t have to be all about vigorous training, if you can only manage lighter and moderate intensity, that’s fine. This can be walking (whether it’s taking the dog out or hiking in the countryside) or cycling.

What about weight training?

Introducing resistance training alongside any cardio exercise activities you do, will lead to the best results when it comes to metabolism boosting.

And don’t worry, ‘weight training’ doesn’t have to mean building muscle. The important thing is to increase muscle utilisation and this will increase metabolism. The more muscle we have the more calories we burn – 1lb of muscle will burn up to 50 calories a day on its own. So it follows that activating our muscles more regularly will have a pronounced effect of our metabolic rate.

The fact is, if you are resistance training and getting stronger, you are also burning up calories and losing fat.

It will also make us stronger, improve posture and make us more resistant to injury. So it’s all good!


So the key to metabolism boosting is resistance training to activate those muscles and also cardiovascular exercise to get the heart rate up. Add to that sensible dietary considerations and this trio will rapidly boost your metabolism and make you and super efficient fat burning machine – even when you are resting!

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