Bioregulatory Medicine

'Bioregulatory Medicine, or BioMed, is otherwise known throughout the world as European Biological Medicine, Bioregulatory Systems Medicine, Swiss Biological Medicine, or Biological Regulatory Medicine. It is a comprehensive, evidence-based and holistic medical model that has been used and refined for over five thousand years by some of the brightest minds in medicine, science, and philosophy. A total body (and mind) approach to health and healing, the scope of BioMed extends into disease prevention, optimizing performance, and chronic and degenerative illness treatment'. From Bioregulatory Medicine, by Dickson Thom, James Paul, Maffitt Odell, Jeoffrey Drobot, Frank Pleus, Jess Higgins Kelley.

'Bioregulatory Systems Medicine (BrSM) is a paradigm that aims to advance current medical practices. The basic scientific and clinical tenets of this approach embrace an interconnected picture of human health, supported largely by recent advances in systems biology and genomics, and focus on the implications of multi-scale interconnectivity for improving therapeutic approaches to disease'. (From Frontiers in Physiology on the National Centre for Biotechnology Information website).

After a significant period of study and examination in London, I qualified as a Bioregulatory Medicine practitioner in 2017.

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