Ballet The Definitive 3 DVD Box Set

Ballet The Definitive 3 DVD Box Set - Containing Ballet Workout Total Body Toning, Ballet Workout for Legs, Tums & Bums & Ballet Pilates Workout - Fit for Life Series - Joey Bull


Whether you are after a firmer bottom, toned legs and abs or trimming the fat, Ballet Workout will help you reach your goals! Ballet Workout takes the best fitness ingredients from the world of classical dance and presents then in a fun new workout designed to achieve impressive and lasting results. Under Joey Bull's guidance a fitter, firmer you is just around the corner.... and you don't have to be a dancer! Combining easy to follow strength and cardio exercises Ballet Workout has been proven to attain tighter, fitter, stronger, leaner bodies and improved posture, poise, balance and control. Here's to a fitter and firmer you! IMC758D BALLET WORKOUT - FOR LEGS, BUMS & TUMS Joey Bull's latest DVD, the 4 x UK Fitness Champion and international trainer once again dips into her ballet background for this superb body and fitness improving programme. "My ballet workouts are designed for dancers and non-dancers alike, so don t worry if you have two left feet! We'll cover the ballet basics and develop variations on them to firm up your backside, strengthen and tone your legs and bring you a taught and toned tummy in no time at all!" Ballet techniques are naturally perfect for improving fitness, tone, strength and posture and Joey has combined the best of ballet with her wider fitness expertise to deliver this outstanding results based workout. Here s to a fitter and firmer you! IMC793D BALLET PILATES BALLATES Joey Bull (A4 times UK Fitness Champion) has merged the wonderful benefits of Ballet and Pilates into one amazing Ballates workout. This exciting fusion combines toning and mat exercises normally associated with Pilates with specific posture and strengthening dance movements from Ballet that when blended together can produce some incredible total body results. This workout is designed to bring you lasting body defining and movement enhancing results. Using thorough methods Joey's Ballet Pilates programme will deliver greater mobility and flexibility, improved upper and lower body tone, core strength and a firmer, flatter tummy! Joey s workout has a fresh vitality that makes it fun and accessible to all. So don't worry if you are not a dancer or new to Pilates - this workout is still for you! Done regularly you will be delighted by the positive the results.

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