Ballet Pillates - Ballet Workout

Ballates Workout - A Ballet Pilates Fusion Workout - Define, Shape & Tone.

Joey Bull has merged the wonderful benefits of Ballet and Pilates into one amazing Ballates workout.

This exciting fusion combines toning and mat exercises normally associated with Pilates with specific posture and strengthening dance movements from Ballet that when blended together can produce some incredible total body results. This workout is designed to bring you lasting body defining and movement enhancing results.

Using thorough methods Joey's Ballet Pilates programme will deliver greater mobility and flexibility, improved upper and lower body tone, core strength and a firmer, flatter tummy! Joey s workout has a fresh vitality that makes it fun and accessible to all. So don't worry if you are not a dancer or new to Pilates - this workout is still for you! Done regularly you will be delighted by the positive the results.

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