Back Pain & Posture Ten Minute Method Workouts

Melt Away Back Pain, Strengthen the Back and Improve Posture

In this superb workout DVD the 4 x UK Fitness Champion and international trainer Joey Bull concentrates on a vital but often ignored body part - the back.

Joey's series of 10 minute workouts for Back Pain and Posture caters for straight, curvy or rounded back types and includes a special section for those who spend much of their time sitting at a desk or at the wheel of a vehicle.

With Joey's guidance you will be able to regularly and gently exercise your back and benefit from a stronger and healthier body. Our back is critical to personal mobility and wellbeing yet many people suffer discomfort or serious debilitating pain. My series of carefully devised ten minute workouts will help you train, refine and strengthen your back, improve posture and protect it against injury.

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